Are you a Salon Owner or Stylist?

Are you ready to provide an amazing new service to your clients? Too often we hear about salons referring out clients dealing with hair loss. Where are you sending your Hair Loss Clients?  We would love to help you become a Certified Wig Professional!

For the first time ever, Lynda Smith is sharing her legacy of expertise and caring for clientele facing hair loss. Lynda is a Tricologist, Hair Replacement Specialist and the founder of West Coast Wigs. She has specialized in hair replacement for over 35 years and is now ready to share her talent and expertise to teach hair replacement techniques to innovative hair stylists that are ready to take the next step in one of the top industries today.

We are currently looking for an Innovative Salon on the North Shore to Partner with.  If you're interested in learning more,  Contact Lynda @ 604-980-3211