No One Knows what it's like to be a Woman with Thinning Hair or Complete Hair Loss.

When a Woman loses her hair it can be devastating.

1 in 3 Women will experience some form of Hair Loss and thinning hair by age 45 in the front and top area of your head.  Hair Pieces can be a great solution for thinning and localized hair loss.  For complete hair loss due to Chemo treatments and Alopecia we have a large selection of wigs to accomodate your needs.

Hair Loss can be due to Chemo treatments, Alopecia, Menopause, Thyroid Issues, Lupus and Medications and Stress.  

In preparation for your hair loss consultation it is important to feel confident with your Hair Replacement Specialist.  There are several questions that you may want to ask during your consultation ...

1.  What type of human hair do you provide?

2.  How long does it take to receive my new wig?

3.  Are there different sizes of wigs and is a measurement available?

4.  How do I choose a colour that will be suited to me?

5.  Would trimming or cutting be included?

6.  How will I know how to care for my wig?

7.  Can I bring a family member or friend.

8.  Are there different lengths to choose from?

9.  What is the difference between human hair and synthetic?

10.  How long will my wig last?

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