Lynda Smith, a distinguished Trichologist and Hair Replacement Specialist, is the visionary behind West Coast Wigs and Real Hair Loss Solutions, and is bringing her unmatched expertise in crafting custom wigs and hairpieces for over three decades. Her Hair Loss Studio at West Coast Wigs is a sanctuary of privacy, dedicated to providing a safe space for clients.

Upon stepping into Lynda's studio for a personalized consultation, each hair loss client is presented with a large selection of wigs and hairpieces. This consultation, offered as a complimentary service, is a journey of customization and color blending, resulting in the choice of a Tri-Fiber Blenz wig and/or a hair piece. This process ensures that clients not only regain their natural look, but also experience a profound sense of empathy and support in dealing with their medically-induced hair loss, leaving them with a renewed sense of well-being.


In addition to individual consultations, West Coast Wigs hosts empowering Hair Loss Workshops. These sessions provide clients with invaluable knowledge on effectively managing hair loss, offering insights into, chronic pain management through Biofeedback and Natural Nutrition.

West Coast Wigs goes beyond personal transformations and has a passion advocate for those battling cancer. Even though a majority of Lynda's clients are navigating the challenges of chemotherapy, she believes her expertise goes hand-in-hand with providing the compassion and counseling they require to comprehend and accept their hair loss journey. Lynda beautifully expresses, "It's incredibly gratifying when my clients embrace me and express gratitude for making this experience an uplifting one."

At West Coast Wigs, we are unwavering in our commitment to elevating the confidence and appearance of our cherished clients. When it comes to experience and expertise, choose West Coast Wigs for a transformation that truly counts.

We are Committed to Enhancing the Confidence and Look of Our Clients

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